Unhappy at work and at home, AMY SUMAC (30) now confronts losing her wealthy architect father, the one person she turns to in times of trouble. Reduced to confusion and melancholia, GEORGE BAXTER (68) no longer recognizes Amy — mistaking her for someone called MYA. Amy’s distant mother MARIANNE (60) is too self-involved to explain.

When Amy discovers drawings of a house George intended for Mya and their clandestine liaisons, her curiosity turns obsessive. His secret life rocks her sense of self, throwing into question their once cherished relationship. More surprising still is the HOUSE — totally unlike the strip malls and bank buildings that have made him rich but unfulfilled. Inspired by beauty alone. Like some vision conjured from a fairy tale or siren’s song. In fact, from MYA’S SONGS, Amy discovers.  Once a cult vocal sensation, the reclusive Mya is all but forgotten now. A phantom singing from some distant choir only George can hear.

Where did she go?   And why does he persist in calling Amy by her name?  What was their relationship? As Amy investigates the mystery, she comes to question the choices she’s made for herself, as well as the nature of her own identity. When finally faced with the truth of George’s secret life, she must decide whether to surrender to her world of habitual discontent or leave it behind. To enter that unknown place, not accessible by GPS and never up for sale. The address of her languishing dreams.