AMY SUMAC (30ish) a high school French teacher, dissatisfied at work and at home…struggles to stay in-love with her older, too-protective husband ROGER (40s) while reluctantly succumbing to the charms of a younger colleague MAX (30s)…when suddenly faced with losing her wealthy architect father, the one person she turns to in times of doubt.  Reduced to confusion and melancholia, GEORGE BAXTER (70s) no longer recognizes Amy — mistaking her for someone called MYA (20s), a once lovely but reclusive singer of music so unique, her recordings have become nearly mythic, sought-after but rarely found.  To further complicate matters, Amy discovers George and Mya were involved somehow, and her curiosity turns obsessive.  Dad’s secret life rocks her sense of self, throwing into question their once cherished relationship.  Why does he persist in calling her Mya?  As she investigates, Amy comes to see beyond the discontent that’s long-paralyzed her and left her dreams to languish.     

AMY SUMAC (Stefanie Estes) comely even in glasses.  Teaches high school French.  Dissatisfied at work and at home.  Caring and soulful but lost.  Her gift for music long ago abandoned.  Living the life her domineering mother deemed appropriate.  The unwitting architect of her receding dreams.  

MAX HARVEY (Jess Ford) Handsome, charming and witty.  Music teacher and great listener.  Actually cares for the women he beds.  Doesn’t lie to his lovers as much as kid himself.  Committed only to having fun yet still attentive husband and doting dad.  

ROGER SUMAC (Andrew Bering) Probably enjoys being an insurance adjuster.  Likes his martinis and an afternoon on the links.  Wants nothing more than to make wife Amy happy, which only deepens her discontent.   Obsessed with buying a new house, convinced it will revive their marriage.  Earnest in both the best and worst ways.  

GEORGE BAXTER (70s) Hugely successful architect of shopping malls and bank buildings.  Uber rich but secretly unfulfilled.  Always done what was expected of him to a fault.  Now suffering from dementia.  His life a roller coaster of memories and lost dreams.  

YOUNG GEORGE BAXTER (35ish) Rich and handsome architect.  Dutiful husband and proud father.  In love with the music of Mya.  Inspired to dream big for the first time in his well-managed life.   Longs to leave his obligations behind and devote himself to beauty for beauty’s sake.  

MYA (65ish) Still a raving beauty. The soulfulness of Billie Holiday and the voice of Maria Callas.  Had her fifteen minutes of fame but preferred solitude.  Mythic status in the world of rare recordings.

YOUNG MYA (20s) If Olivia Hussey had been a singer…